Dr. Hertich's House
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This three room suite is tastefully decorated with a sage and dark cream color scheme. On the walls are turn of the century photographs of the town of Ste. Genevieve and its inhabitants. The suite honors its hometown, which is both the oldest settlement in Missouri as well as the oldest in the Louisiana Purchase. Although the suite has an old world feel to it, the modern amenities will provide you with the ultimate in comfort.              $189.00
The Ste. Genevieve Suite
Decorated in shades of berry, sage, and pink, this three room suite honors the ancestral heritage of both owners, Jan (Yon) and Cathy, and the innkeeper, Janet Joggerst. You will find some photographs dating back to the early 1800s. You will also discover that Janet is one of triplets .......can you pick her out?          $189.00
Family Ties
Tastefully done in hunter green, brick red, and beige, this three room suite brings back the joys of yesteryear through the collection of antique toys, games and sports memorabilia. If that is not enough to entice, the six foot diameter hunter green double whirlpool tub with waterfall, the fireplace at the foot of the king size bed, and the plush robes waiting en suite should help in your decision making process.            $199.00
Memories Suite
The musical theme, burgundy carpet, and the jet black six foot diameter double whirlpool tub with waterfall make this three room suite one of our guests' favorites for honeymoons and anniversaries. You will find musical instruments, musical scores adorning the suite. You will also notice the antique Westinghouse radio used as counter space in the kitchenette area of the sitting room.                     $199.00
Love Notes
The Doctor's Room
This queen room is decorated in varying shades of blue. As the name implies, this room honors Dr. Charles Hertich and a variety of antique medical supplies will be found throughout the room. A 13 inch color cable TV is perched on the wall across from the queen sized sleigh bed. The private bathroom has a free standing shower.            $89.00